How to write an essay quickly?

Procrastination means postponement, delay, distraction, and avoidance. Have you ever heard of this? You are lucky, because the phenomenon is quite common in the university world and in general so-called. creative industries.

Procrastination is that volunteers postpone their intentions, even if the postponement is likely to aggravate the situation. The definition is based on a review by Professor Piers Steel of the University of Calgary on research and the nature of procrastination.

What matters is that avoidance is not caused for any external reason: you had planned to write and booked it for a while, but you spend two hours on Facebook. Another key feature is that tugging will eventually make the situation more difficult for you. Deadline is approaching, with less and less writing time. You’ll have to write down the night and possibly refuse something else you were planning to do. Many nice cottage weekends or dinners in the company of loved ones have been sacrificed in front of the force of the article.

Of course, procrastination can occur in all areas of life: at work, at home, in relationships, hobbies, or taking care of one’s own well-being. It is typical that a person is in some areas, but pulls in others. Procrastination also occurs through the professions. However, certain features of the work clearly feed on postponement. If the important work-related goals are very large and far away (such as the dissertation), while the daily use of time and work organization are largely in their own hands, the situation is good for procrastination.

Typical pretexts by which the seizure authorizes his behavior to himself and others include:

“I work better under pressure.” This is an unacceptable explanation that the deadlift pressure can be utilized and still start on time. It is a different thing to leave it all last time than to start in time and still take advantage of the special typing of the date approach. So you should start both on time and on the pressure of the deadline. There is also a risk of such thinking that when the start is postponed far enough, the work is not done at all. Time is simply no longer enough.

“If I write when I’m not in the mood, the work will be bad.” This is a myth. The final result of writing is determined by how much your text has been hone – not what it looks like at first. You should not wait for inspiration, but you can call it by sitting down and starting to write. The first versions of the best texts have been inadequate: it is essential to use the time to work as good as they can become.

“Tomorrow I have to write a lot more motivated than today.” Prokrastinoijat are eternal optimists. Tomorrow is always a better day. But yesterday is tomorrow. So just the right day to write. Get to work!

Deferral can be alleviated by various means. I’ll write more about them – as soon as I get it done.