Tips for essay writing

Perhaps the most important writing instruction that I have ever learned is this: Write first!

The guideline can be understood on a baseline level so that writing is highly ranked high. Perhaps more important, however, is the concrete dimension of the guide: it is best to start working day by writing.

I originally learned the instructions from Joan Bolker, who in turn gives it to his own teacher, the poet Ruth Whitman. Over the years, I have had this procedure more seriously.

I put my writing virtually into the beginning of a working day. I have a lot of other jobs. If I start with them, I’ll never write. I also try to avoid reading the email first in the morning. The temptation of email is great. However, if it can be avoided, it is more likely that you will not go astray from the point of view of writing.

For me, writing is very difficult, even when I’m tired of working other jobs, such as teaching or meeting table. That’s why I write first.

If you want, you can even wake up earlier to write in peace. The late Tommy Tabermann apparently woke up at 4 o’clock in the morning, cooking some coffee for himself and began writing love poems. You may not like his poems, but at least he wrote them a lot. Still, even early awakening is not necessary. Just put your writing at the beginning of your working day.

I’d rather write with a laptop in the library (where I write it) or in the cafe. I have a pretty studio in the center of Helsinki, but even when I am going there, I will begin my day, preferably by first entering a nearby cafĂ©.

This principle is very easy to remember and also feasible: Write first!